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Do you find it difficult to get a companion or soul mate? Or do you not trust the dating sites available to make that process smooth? You need not to worry anymore because you have found the right place to rest your mind and cut the long journey of trying to chase down potential companions or express yourself with difficulty. SeekingArrangement Customer Service is the one place to find love hassle free without worrying about starting weird conversations.


At, we make the process as short as it can ever get by seeking arrangements for you and all you have to do is meet up with your future companion. It is safe, and you get what you ask for just as it is. However, we understand that you may have concerns about our legitimacy or along the way. For that specific reason, we have set out to make the process easier by providing a SeekingArrangement Customer Service toll-free number where you can explain your arrangement concerns through the number +1 888-819-8444. We give this number in case you have concerns about the following.

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Seeking Arrangement Free Trial

We understand that this looks unreal because of other dating sites either flop at it, fail to provide full-time support, or do not provide such services at all. For this reason, we have something special for you as our new client, and we hope you use it effectively. We provide a free arrangement trial for our new clients to meet their mates of choice. When you register for our services, we make sure that you taste the juice before you have it by giving you the real touch for our services. Who knows, you may find your choice on the very first trial. To get a free trial arrangement, call us on our free toll number 1(888)819-8444. Complaints

We understand that it’s not everything that moves smoothly and there are times you may not be contented by our arrangements, for instance, your mate stood you or behaved in a way that was against our code of ethics and policy. If you feel you have concerns, call us though 1-888-819-8444 or message us through and we’ll come to your aid in an instant. These complaints are something that we seriously take because they are the beacon of our organisation and the safety of our clients is the first priority. We will investigate and get back to you with our findings. If there were a breach of contract with the member you were arranged with, their account would be suspended immediately and further legal action taken.

SeekingArrangement Account Suspended

Your account may have been suspended after another member reports you for going against our policy. We conduct investigations, and we agree that we are not perfect because by the end of the day we might make the wrong decision. If you feel that your account has been suspended unfairly, it is proper that you contact us and make your case. Make sure you cooperate with our team, and you will get your account back if it is confirmed that there was a mistake in reaching that decision. Call our number on 18888198444 and get everything straight. is the secret to finding your love. We ensure that your needs are catered for to satisfaction. You will easily find the person you have always looked for and this time, it will be effortless. Just call us at 1.888.819.8444 and book an arrangement.

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